Who is Pruvit?

Pruvit was launched in 2015, and developed the ground-breaking product backed by numerous scientific studies and research known as Keto OS.   

Pruvit has a 5 year patent on their blend AND no other direct marketing sales company can ever offer the ketone operating system. This is an incredible opportunity to take off with a new company and an exciting product that gets results! 

This product puts your body into ketosis (fat burning mode) within 1 hour. The state of ketosis is when your body is burning fat for fuel.  This product is great for anyone following any type of low-carb, or healthy diet.  Keto OS is great for fat loss, muscle preservation, sustained energy, increased focus, reduced brain fog, appetite control and better sleep.  Almost anyone can drink this product! 

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Why I Left Beachbody


The Pruvit Opportunity


My First Full Month With Pruvit

Early Cash intensives for New Promoters to Ramp Up Business Building.
Pruvit offers an aggressive additional cash bonus of (This is on top of your 20%-40% commissions along with any other bonuses or promos they may offer at the time)
  • Income from Keto OS 5 or 10 Day Experience Sample Packs 
  • GO PRO – First 14 Days: $250 Cash + $100 Pruvit Bucks (to be used for free products or discounts to give customers) 
  • Go MVP – First 30 Days: $500 Cash (in addition to the $250 Go Pro Bonus) + $100 Pruvit Bucks + MVP Provit Pool (.5% Gross revenue on all new volume) 
  • Go All-Star – First 120 Days: Additional $1000 Cash Bonus.

Sample Program: 

Pruvit has developed the 5 and 10 day experience system.

This is where a promoter can sell a 5 or 10 packet of samples to allow someone to experience the amazing benefits of Keto OS before investing in the entire system! This is an amazing way of getting new customer and promoters to join since they get a chance to really feel how the product works for them, and It generates an immediate cash flow for the promoter. 

Cost to have a Pruvit Business – $37 per year


**Earn MORE by Getting started with the EXPERIENCE PACK: To earn the higher residual commissions your first year (Rank 5) and have a chance to take the GO challenge with the extra income intensives, you have the option to enroll with an Experience Pack.


Experience Pack: $928 – Includes 200 Samples (20 ten day experiences or 40 five day experiences) for you to sell and earn an immediate profit on, as well as build momentum and get people in the door with your new product!

You earn $1,300 back when you sell all of your experiences, meaning once you sell through your samples, you’ve profited over $300 signing up! Our team has a template and training for you to easily share the options with others to get started!


Interested in Joining Us?

Email me at Sami@SamiSkow.com